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We Are Dada Pop...

As Dada Pop, Noah Gold and Urban Ghost draw broadly from the canon of Western music to craft a sound distinctly their own. While literary curiosity and jazz sophistication are no doubt guiding principals of their art, they are dedicated to the groove. Spurning convention much like their avant-garde namesake, Dada Pop weld deft composition with free-spirited pop to craft a new music for the pandemic age, the soundtrack for a society rapidly redefining itself. At once heady, complex, smooth, and yachty, the synthy, Saxy anthemic world of Dada Pop is here to accompany us into dystopia, and whatever lies beyond. Gold and Ghost came together to make music after discovering their shared love of music, literature, film, and philosophy. Songwriter / vocalist / keyboardist Gold combined a deep knowledge of jazz history and an obsession with the fringe edges of hip-hop and electronic to cut his teeth in the burgeoning Pacific Northwest free/jam jazz scene. Songwriter / vocalist / saxophonist / electro knob-twiddler Ghost uses his Berklee-trained, Carnegie Hall-proven musical acuity to push the saxophone to it’s limits as an instrument, painting over the duo’s musical foundation with unexpected, intuitive sonic brushstrokes. While at its core Dada Pop is a duo, Gold and Ghost use the tools best suited to the melodic job at hand to achieve their vison. As needed, they will bring in guest drummers, bassists, and producers. Their forthcoming single “Float Like Me” features additional electronics by Paul Heath and was recorded and co-produced by Matt Terjeson (Andrea Baker, Bradford Loomis).

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